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Digital Light Brigade is a pioneering enterprise specializing in virtual reality and capturing the world in full 360° spherical panoramic video and photography.

We Are in the Dawn of a New Era


Virtual reality is fast becoming the leading entertainment phenomena of all time. The possibilities for imagining, creating and experiencing any universe of our own design will be



So Immerse Yourself

Join us while we usher in a new millennium of immersive entertainment, education, and historical documentary; seeing and reliving human experiences like never before. It’s…


Desktop: Click and Drag photo to view the complete 360° spherical image.  Mobile: Move your mobile device around to explore the complete image.

We are here to capture your reality and encapsulate it in a breathless virtual reality environment for you to cherish forever.



We capture this…

…And create this

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We also make fully Immersive
360º Spherical Videos


Imagine the


Digital Light Brigade is committed to lead virtual reality’s pioneering discoveries and champion the services now made possible.


Our Immersive Services

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    Real Estate Showcasing & Aerial Photography

    360° panoramic views of the home and surrounding scenery. See more

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    Weddings & Receptions

    Imagine if you could relive your wedding day as though you were there again, seeing the things you missed all around you and see the people you didn’t have enough time to spend with. See more

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    Google Business & 360° Lobby Capture

    We will shoot UHD 360° spherical views of your Google Business View/Maps. See more

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    Event Capture

    You name it, we capture it in 360º! See more

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    360° Live Streaming of Events

    We capture and live stream your event in colorful, UHD 360° panoramic, for real-time streaming. See more

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    Virtual Real-Estate & Commercial Property Tours

    Capture your home, property, facility, business, hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue or other location as a multi-room, interactive 360º tour. See more

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    Advertising / Commercials

    DLB captures Ultra High Definition, 360° spherical panoramic videos and stills for your website, advertising, and/or commercials. See more

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    360 Product Photography

    Give your shoppers extra confidence! We capture and create interactive 360º “turntable” style views for your eCommerce products. See more

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