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Digital Light Brigade Is A Pioneering Enterprise Specializing In Virtual Reality And Capturing The World In Full 360° Panoramic Video And Photography.


Join us while we usher in a new millennium of immersive entertainment, education, and historical documentary; seeing and reliving human experiences like never before. It’s, Life All Around.



What is a 360° Spherical Image?

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Life All Around



What does our Co-Founders have to say about all of this?

“Imagine being able to relive a special event as though you are standing in the middle of the room; immersed in a memory, experiencing it like the first time at a click of a button – the mood, the lighting, the sounds, the people, the feelings, in its total completeness – catching little things you didn’t notice while you were caught up in the moment as it was happening making it that much more special. Now you can. This is an era of living complete, immersive and entertaining experiences.  We are here to capture your reality and encapsulate it in a breathless virtual reality environment.”

Chad DiGirolamo
Co-Founder, Digital Light Brigade


“Virtual reality is fast becoming the leading entertainment phenomena of all time. As technologies improve, the thin line between reality and virtual reality will become less discernible. The possibilities for imagining, creating and experiencing any universe of our own design will be limitless. Digital Light Brigade is committed to lead virtual reality’s pioneering discoveries and champion the services now made possible.”

Vinny DiGirolamo
Co-Founder, Digital Light Brigade

Capturing Life Has Never Been

So Complete.