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“Digital Light Brigade is committed to lead virtual reality’s pioneering discoveries and champion the services now made possible.”


Weddings & Receptions

Imagine if you could relive your wedding day as though you were there again, seeing the things you missed all around you and see the people you didn’t have enough time to spend with. We’ll will meet with the bride and groom to choreograph this special day. Together we’ll determine the shots you want to remember now and twenty years later in Ultra High Definition, 360° panoramic views.

With us, you’ll create your own epic wedding and reception production as DLB camera crews work with your photographer to capture those once in a lifetime moments you’ll especially cherish in 360°.  This is one of the most popular services DLB offers due to the lifelong memories that’ll be captured in a virtual reality, immersive environment.

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Event Capture

DLB representatives will meet with you, the client, to choreograph the event, determine shots and the technology needed to capture the desired event in colorful, Ultra High Definition, 360° panoramic views.

Events include concerts, conferences, community gatherings, State Fairs, family reunions, parades, rodeos, sports events, graduations, operating room procedures, baby deliveries, and birthday parties for all ages. You name it, we capture it.

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Real Estate Showcasing & Aerial Photography

DLB representatives will meet with you, the client, to photograph each room of your home or commercial property. We will determine whether the 360° photos will be used as a slide show, incorporated into a traveling tour throughout the location, or hosted on its own unique website (see www.3171forsale.com).

Based on your requirements, DLB offers an affordable website for realtors and “For Sale by Owner” clients.  Each private website will feature the 360° panoramic views of the home and surrounding scenery.

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Google Business & 360° Lobby Capture

Google has enabled 360° spherical, virtual viewing of the inside of your establishment. DLB representatives will meet at your business location to shoot UHD 360° spherical views of your entrance, lobby or other significant location for upload to Google Maps.

You have the option to schedule a photo appointment when there are customers at your location or vacant according to your needs. The client will also have the option of contracting DLB to manage their Google presence and becoming a member of dlb360’s Business Directory.

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360° Live Streaming of Events

DLB representatives will meet with you before the planned event to determine best camera placements for the best video coverage and internet capabilities. We will also determine what technologies are needed to capture and live stream your event in colorful, UHD 360° panoramic, real-time views.  No one will miss your event.

Like the Event Capture service also offered by DLB, this added, live streaming capability can be set up to capture weddings, concerts, conferences, community events, State Fairs, family reunions, parades, rodeos, sports events, graduations, and birthday parties for all ages.  You name it, we’ll live stream it in real time!

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360° VR & HDR Libraries

DLB is creating a library of virtual reality, 360° spherical or panoramic clips available for “Royalty” and “Royalty Free” use by DLB members and other clients who wish to use these videos and photographs on their websites, marketing campaigns and other commercial developments.

Contact Us Today if you own or would like to contribute any 360° photography or videos to the DLB library, please contact us with your proposal.  All materials need to have aesthetic merit and be viewable by the general public.

Virtual Real-Estate & Commercial Property Tours

DLB is able to capture your home, property, facility, business, hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue or other location as a multi-room, interactive tour. If you are already doing a real-estate capture in 360° spherical, it’s only one step away from becoming an interactive tour.

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Also, DLB will entertain any potential joint ventures to fill market gaps in products and technologies that are innovative and support the whole sale dissemination of 360°virtual reality experiences and services.

Advertising / Commercials

DLB captures Ultra High Definition, 360° spherical and scenic panoramic video and stills that can be used on your website, for advertising and commercials.

If greater fidelity is required during filming, DLB has the ability to adapt its technologies to meet unique client requirements. It starts with a consult between DLB and the client, an understanding of customer requirements, and quickly moves to capture and production.

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